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AMSS330 Multi Slide Stainer with Separate Control Panel


Large capacity with 360 slides at a time

Up to 15 programs, compatible with H&E, PAP and other staining

Simple and visualized touch screen operation frame to finish programing, operation and monitoring

High low step on tank to prevent lacking or reagent running out

activated carbon filtration to prevent pollution caused by volatilization of reagents 

Round bottom structure cooperated with vibration to minimize residual access to next tank

Unique stir structure stirs all the hanging baskets simultaneously

⊙ Surroundings requirements:

Working temperature:+10℃—35℃

Working humidity: <80%,defrosting

Working pressure:(86~106)KPa;

⊙ Power supply:      220 V AC/110VAC

⊙ Frequency:         50/60 Hz

⊙ Power:            <350 VA

⊙ Fuse specification:   3A

⊙ Security classification:Class I- Type B


⊙ Sample slide quantity:300-600 slides per hour according to program

⊙ Load capacity:       12 baskets running maximum

⊙ Basket capacity:     30 sample sliders  

⊙ Site quantity:       27

⊙ Reagent sites:       19 at least

⊙ Wash sites:           5

⊙ Dryer sites:           none or 3 (optional)

⊙ upload/download sites: 6

⊙ reagent sites capacity: 450ML

⊙ Incubation time settings:0 second to 99 minutes 59 seconds

⊙ Program storage capacity:15,each program with 25 steps maximum

⊙ Colorful touch screen:    7 Inch

⊙ Outside dimension (LxWxH):1050x680x600mm

⊙ Weight:    about 116kg

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