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  • cold finger cryostat
  • closed cycle helium cryostat
  • chuck cryostat
  • cryostat microtome
  • benchtop cryostat

AST500 Semi-automatic Cryostat Microtome

Our Semi-automatic Microtome Cryostat is a cutting-edge tool for frozen tissue sectioning. Combining precision and user-friendliness, it simplifies the process, producing consistent, high-quality sections ideal for rapid pathological assessment and research applications.

Specification of AST500 Semi-automatic Microtome Cryostat

Freeze chamber minimum temperature


Freeze shelf minimum temperature


Lowest temperature of Peltier unit on freeze shelf


Lowest temperature of Peltier unit on Specimen Clamp

-50℃±5℃(working time of Peltier is 15 minutes.)

Maximum specimen size


Specimen vertical stroke


Specimen horizontal stroke


Coarse feeding speed

300μm/s (slow) or 900μm/s(rapid)

Section thickness range

0μm~100μm adjustable;

0μm~3μm, in 0.5μm increments;

3μm~10μm, in 1μm increments;

10μm~20μm, in 2μm increments;

20μm~100μm, in 5μm increments;

Trimming thickness range

10μm~600μm adjustable;

10μm~50μm, in 5μm increments;

50μm~100μm, in 10μm increments;

100μm~600μm, in 50μm increments;

Retraction range

0~80μm adjustable, in 5μm increments

Voltage and frequency

220 V ± 10%, 50 HZ / 110 V ± 10%, 60 HZ

Nominal Power

1000 W


about 130 KG



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