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  • digital pathology slide scanner price
  • digital pathology slide scanner
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Apro5 Digital Slide Scanner

The product is used for scanning pathological sections in medical institutions, laboratories ,and other places. It is able to make rapid and uninterrupted digital scanning of 5 pathological sections at one time and generate a full-vision and high-definition digital pathological image. The user can view, mark, and measure the image through image-viewing software. 

Description of Apro5 Digital Slide Scanner

1. The instrument startup adopts strong and weak current segmented control to ensure the safety of personnel and instruments.

2. Unique magnetic suction slide loading plate

The magnetic suction system guarantees accurate placement of the slide loading plate while loading and unloading, eliminating the need for repetitive friction in the process. This technology ensures a seamless loading and unloading experience, significantly reducing the risk of slides slipping or breaking during these operations.

3. High speed, high-precision X/Y/Z three-dimensional stage system

3.1 Imported maglev linear motor: motion speed 3.2m/s, acceleration 8g.

3.2 High precision, full closed-loop drive control system, with X/Y axis motion resolution of 100nm and Z axis motion resolution of 50nm.

4. Special functions for the scanning software

4.1 Scan and View: After the slice scan is completed, the scanning software's browsing function can be used to instantly view the image and make pathological diagnosis.

4.2 Real time precise positioning and viewing of newly scanned slices, equivalent to microscope viewing function: scanning software precisely position platform movement, real-time positioning and display of slice images.

4.3 Real time display of the current position parameters and organizational information parameters of the image.

4.4 When there are multiple pieces of tissue on one slide, the software can intelligently recognize the blocks, independently complete scanning, and fuse to generate a digital slice image.

5. Browse software

5.1 With slice library management function: automatically detect slice files in the machine, and have retrieval, query, and sorting functions.

5.2 Color differentiation slice browsing trajectory: different color markers locate browsing trajectories with different magnification.

5.3 Mark ROI with different shapes, colors, and line widths, and export the marking information as an Excel file

5.4 Capable of taking regional and full screen screenshots of ≥ 300dpi to meet the publishing needs of journals, books, etc; Screenshots can be annotated, exported, and other operations.

Specification of Apro5 Digital Slide Scanner

Technical SpecificationsValues
power supply220V/50HZ
Ambient Temperature5℃~40℃
Relative Humidity30%~80%
Barometric Pressure500hPa~1060hPa
Number of Slides Loaded1-5pcs
Size for Slide:26mm*76mm
Objective Lens:APO 20X,NA0.75`
CameraPreviewing Camera, Imaging Camera
Scanning Magnification20X 40X
Scanning methodarea array scanning
Scanning Resolution≤0.5μm/pixel(20×);≤0.25μm/pixel(40×)
Scanning Area Size:≥24mmX50mm
Scanning Speed20x <30s
Focusing methodAutomatically, manually
Tissue IdentificationAvailable
Barcode RecognitionAvailable
Multilayered ScanningAvailable
Image Acquisition Mode2D Scanning
Scanning Out24-bit, Instant Preview
Storage MethodLocal, Cloud Storage
Dimension470mm x 550mm x 570mm

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