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AVTP2500 Vacuum Tissue Processor


• Friendly and easy to lean the color touch screen with graphic symbols

•  Every work status be clearly displayed in large color touch screen

•  Simplified software with intelligent control.

•  Regant replacement automatically. When the using times of first alcohol bottle arrive to max while the alcohol concentration is lower than required, the first bottle of alcohol be drained firstly and pump the alcohol from bottle 2 on the purpose of saving reagent.

•  Up to hundreds protocols meets different tissue processing requirement and modifying the current protocal.

•  Two kinds distributing valve for Regant and wax be treat reagent and wax separately, maximum to prevent the tube blocking under ambient temperature.

•  Power failure protection function. The external UPS be optional can protect tissue from suffering samage once meet power failure. When power if restored, the previous protocals is automatically resumed and completed.

• Check the seal situation automatically before working, and alarm any problem happens

•  Tissue was placed in retort bath. Don't contact with air to drying under safety condition during processing.

•  The whole processing is under a vacuum environment avoid harmful gas overflow to harm health.

•  Safe and reliable retort cover so as to protect the safety of operation.

•  4 different level sensors to creat great efficiency process.

•  Pluggable reagent bottle make easies to drain and fill reagent.

•  The maximum capacity is 300 cassettes to meet the different requirement.

•  Paraffin bath and Retort bath made by high quality stainless steel that easy to clean.

•   Reagent management remind the user maintenance automatically, to ensure the satisfactory results.

•  Fill the reagent and drain automatically

•  Intelligent the wax fill and drain

•  Monitoring the processing by manual to help maintenance easily.

•  Variety cleaning adapts different clean conditions.

⊙Surroundings requirements:Working temperature:+10℃—35℃

Working humidity: <80%,defrosting

Working pressure:(86~106)KPa;

⊙Power supply:220 V AC/110V AC

⊙Frequency:50/60 Hz

⊙Power:<1000 VA

⊙Fuse:main power 3A,heating power 5 A

⊙Safe classify:ClassifyⅠ- type B




⊙Weight (net):  approx190kg

⊙Number of paraffin bath:       3pcs

Capacity       3.5L

Temperature       55-70℃

Temperature accuracy:±1℃

Melting time   10h

⊙Number of Retort bath:       1pc

Capacity: max 300cassettes(3basket)

Reagent volume   4.5L

Temperature(paraffin):55-70℃,Temperature(processing reagents): 55℃

Temperature accuracy:±1℃

Negative pressure max:700mbar  Positive pressure max: 350mbar

⊙Waste reagent bottles:   1pc

Maximum bottle volume:5L

⊙Reagent bottles:      9pcs

Maximum bottle volume:5L

⊙Cleaning bottles:   4pcs

Maximum bottle volume:5L

⊙Waste wax box:     1pc

Maximum bottle volume:4.5L

⊙Color LCD touch screen: 10inches

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