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Amos Scientific PTY. LTD.

Medical Fair India 2024

Jan 29 , 2024

Amos Scientific Unveils Cutting-Edge Medical Innovations at Medical Fair India 2024

In a remarkable showcase of pioneering medical advancements, Amos Scientific Pty Ltd takes center stage at the Medical Fair India 2024, held at the prestigious Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai from March 13 to 15. With their booth located at B18 of Hall One, Amos Scientific is set to revolutionize the healthcare landscape with their state-of-the-art solutions.

Amos Scientific, a leading exhibitor at the event, is dedicated to presenting groundbreaking technologies that promise to enhance healthcare practices. Visitors to booth B18 will have the opportunity to explore an array of innovative medical solutions designed to address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

The Medical Fair India 2024 serves as a platform for companies like Amos Scientific to connect with professionals, industry experts, and enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. With a focus on advancements in medical technology, the exhibition is expected to draw a diverse audience eager to witness the latest breakthroughs in the field.

Amos Scientific's presence at this prestigious event reaffirms their commitment to contributing to the progress of healthcare through cutting-edge research and development. The booth at B18 promises an immersive experience for attendees, providing them with insights into the future of medical science and technology.

As the Medical Fair India 2024 unfolds, Amos Scientific Pty Ltd invites all attendees to visit booth B18 to explore the future of healthcare through their groundbreaking innovations. The event serves as a testament to the continuous efforts of companies like Amos Scientific in pushing the boundaries of medical excellence.

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Exhibitor: Amos Scientific Pty Ltd

Exhibition name: Medical Fair India 2024

Time: March 13-15, 2024

Place: Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India

Booth number: B18

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