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Sectra Signs Framework Agreement to Supply Public Hospitals in France with Imaging IT for Digital Pathology

Jun 16 , 2022

"I'm excited that Sectra has been selected to support public hospitals in this incredibly important transformation to digital pathology. I am confident that together, we can improve patient care through more efficient image review, collaboration, sharing of expertise and implementation of new technology such as AI," says Fabien Lozach, President of Sectra in France.

Using digital images of tissue samples instead of physical glass slides, Sectra's solution allows pathologists to instantly access and share current and historical images and information between departments and hospitals and to benefit from evolving technology such as AI. The digital solution provides pathologists with assistance at critical decision points, such as grading or performing more precise measurements. It also enables image analysis, which in turn reduces variation and improves the precision of tasks such as cell counting. Digital access further facilitates second opinions and external reading resources as well as enabling integrated diagnostics.

The four-year framework agreement, signed in May 2022, includes Sectra's solution for reviewing and reporting on pathology cases. Sectra was selected for both single-site and multi-site hospitals.

UniHA, Union des Hôpitaux pour les Achats, is a cooperative of French public hospital purchasers created in 2005 by the hospital staff themselves (32 university hospitals and 20 hospitals). Today, 1,144 hospitals and 120 Territorial Hospital Groupings have joined UniHA. By pooling their purchasing expertise and strengthening their financial positions, they aim to provide the best patient care and healthcare service as well as equal access to care.

Sectra's pathology solution is part of its enterprise imaging solution, which provides a unified strategy for all imaging needs while lowering operational costs. The scalable and modular solution, with a VNA at its core, allows healthcare providers to grow from ology to ology and from enterprise to enterprise. Visit Sectra's website to read more about Sectra and why it's top-ranked in 'Best in KLAS'.

About Sectra
Sectra contributes to a healthier and safer society by assisting health systems throughout the world to enhance the efficiency of care, and authorities and defense forces in Europe to protect society's most sensitive information. The company, founded in 1978, is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with direct sales in 19 countries, and distribution partners worldwide. Sales in the 2020/2021 fiscal year totaled SEK 1,632 million. The Sectra share is quoted on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

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